My Journey to Interdisciplinary Learning

Going into this Interdisciplinary course I had no idea what to expect. I had this idea that it was just a fancy way to have a duel major, or that it was this magical place where I could do whatever classes I wanted and still get a degree. I had no idea the extent to which I would learn about my curriculum and the fundamentals of education in a whole.

I had never even hear of interdisciplinary studies before I came to college and met someone who was involved in the program. She explained to me that she knew exactly what she wanted to do when she was older; she told me she wanted to make the art work that was in biology text books and posters, but since this was not a major she designed her own. I thought this was such a creative outlet that this school had a program that allowed you to design your own curriculum.

     When later this first year at school I was told I could not do a duel major between Graphic Design and Marketing, my Professor Phil told me that his wife was head of the IDS program here. He told me that in this program I could still take the classes I wanted to build towards the same goal of getting a job that involved the arts and Marketing.

I knew exactly the job I wanted I knew exactly the type of classes I would need to take to get there. After learning more and more about IDS, I knew that was the program I belonged in. I was so excited to build my own major and looking forward to this academic freedom. IDS to me was like my own little art project where I created this who personalized educational path for myself.

After getting into the class, my ideas about IDS only got better. I learned that IDS is so much more than just freedom in classes, but also freedom across education. It is this new perspective of fluidity in disciplines and learning platforms that comes from such an experienced based learning.

Some ideas that we talked about in this IDS course were the concepts of the renaissance’s scholar, being the jack of all trades, and this unity of knowledge. Moti Nissani talks about the Renaissance Scholar, such like Leonardo da Vinci and we have put this Renaissance Scholar imagine out of reach by making it seem like an un-achievable goal. Really though, this goal of being great at everything is something we should focus on because of how important it is to not limit our knowledge. All these concepts we discuss in class and read about all come back to broadening our education. Being “the jack of all trades, master of none” is a fake stigma of IDS because in truth we are master of all, because we are combining majors to make one new integrated field to be a master in.

This is why IDS matters so much because when we are out looking for jobs are working on real world problems, one discipline is not enough. We need to be able to attack from all sides, and have a bigger picture of understanding on the situation. Having an IDS degree puts us one step ahead in the world because we can use our  major to understand and work with others in other fields.

With my degree personally I want to be one step ahead. I do not just want to be a graphic designer; I want to be one with a back ground in business. I do not just want to be an advertiser with a sales associate; I want to be one that can think creatively. I want everyone to have this advantage so they can learn as much as possible and go as far as possible. I think the main barrier on education is closedmindedness and lack of understanding. With people studying in an interdisciplinary fashion though they can have mutable backgrounds in many fields and there for know how to approach problems from all angles.

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One thought on “My Journey to Interdisciplinary Learning”

  1. You are always one of our best ambassadors, Ashley, and I’ve loved having you on staff this semester! You are a serious champion for our program, and it’s a pleasure to have you on board. Looking forward to future collaborations!

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