Learning the Digital World

Before this class my media involvement started and stopped with just looking at memes. I had no public learning network where I was able to reach out to others and not only share my ideas but also learn from everyone around me.  Creating a PLN was a big step in having a presents online. My PLN is built from my professional twitter and my website where I regularly blog and talk about my educational path. To build this PLN I started with seeing what was out there. I researched other graphic designers, followed ecofriendly and social issues twitter accounts, and used articles in my papers. This covered the gaining knowledge of what is out there part of the PLN. I used other resources to increase my learning but there is so much more to it. Slowly I started feeling comfortable with putting myself out there and interacting online. Here I would tweet at other people, reblog/ message people who were posting similar things as me or just interesting topics, and tagging others in posts they might like. On the ePort I would link up articles or reference people in academic fields and then share the papers with them. This builds a connection in the professional world and has expanded not only my knowledge but my awareness of involvement.

Since my major is Graphic Arts of Promotional Communications, I mainly follow graphic artists and different marketing teams. Other graphic designers post about new techniques or programs that they are learning. It is so helpful to learn tips or watch videos of them using the same software I am using to basically see what more I can learn. The marketing twitters I follow post very creative ideas that really make you think and remind you that there are many endless possibilities to do something.

This PLN affects my major in such a positive way by giving me this whole fourth dimension to my education. Before it was just what I learned in the class room or at a job on campus, and now I have endless possibilities at my fingertips. By interacting with others it is building your public audience. By putting your name out their other companies or programs can see the work you’re doing and reach out to you. Creating your digital portfolio is a huge step in branding who you are. Now other businesses, artists, writers and so many others are reading or seeing my work. This is more than a two way street of just me learning about other and others learning about me; with a PLN it can go anywhere. The future to PLNs is endless because you can see other people connecting and value from it of share it to someone else. For example, with hashtags or tagging others in posts you can broadcast a single idea to anyone interested in the same topic as you.

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