Graphic Arts for Promotional Communications

Graphic Arts for Promotional Communications is the major I designed, combining Graphic Design, Advertising, and Communications. Through this major, I have selected core classes from each existing major to build a program that will provide me with the background I need to pursue a career in creative marketing. From these courses, I created a degree, where, through art and design, I will learn how to communicate through a visual language. For this reason, I have also constructed an infographic to describe my program in a fashion more accessible and organized. I strongly believe that communication directly correlates with presentation, which is why I chose to introduce my major in this format.

In a series of leveled graphic design courses: Graphic Design I, II, III, IV, I will progressively explore Adobe software and its relevance to a professional environment. I will build my skills in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, and others. These courses will also explain everything from history and principles, to the elements of art. These topics will further my education in typography and logo design. In the course, Advanced Photoshop and Illustrator Techniques, I will take the skills from my graphic design courses and explore higher skill levels necessary for technical roadblocks. I will be taught about key commands and digital shortcuts to advance my productivity. To finally test these graphic design skills in a real-world setting, I will be taking PSU Student Design Company. In this course, I will build a complete advertising department for a hypothetical organization or business. I will create everything from logos, flyers, brochures, and poster, to websites, t-shirts, and product packaging. This class gives an inside look at the professional world of being a graphic designer.

   I will compliment my graphic design skills with a business background. Principles of Marketing is a course that will guide me through the understanding of innovation and promotional strategies. This will educate me on the business side of my degree, preparing me for corporate positions. In Event Marketing I will also build on my management and advertising skills by working with branding and project-based marketing. These branding skills will carry over when I take Advertising and Promotional Management. This is a class built around the importance of marketing to specific demographics based on products. This will add to my major because it will teach me about the relationship between the company and the audience. Corporate Public Relations and Organizational Communications both build speaking and writing skills. Organizational communication has prepared me with foundation advice from moving forward to a career. We did weekly public speaking activities and writing formulas for resumes, cover letters, and professional emails. In the public relations class, I will further my writing and speaking skills and apply it to promotional strategies in marketing. This will give me the skills I need to communicate in the work area in a respectable and professional manor.

An important part of communication is Public Speaking, in this course I will learn how to effectively speak with others using body language and eye contact with fluent and relevant content. From there, I will take the course Human Communication and Conflict, where I will use my public speaking skills to explore negotiating and mediating conflicts in social settings. This will prepare me for constructive communication in the workplace. These communication skills will prepare me for another class called Communication Research Methods. This course enables students to learn about qualitative research methods and statistical procedures that we will use in conducting our own research project. In addition to verbal communication, I will study online communication as well. In Social Media Audience Engagement, we explore social media tactics to support dynamic online participation. These are key skills to develop because of how much technology is growing in all industries. All of my communication classes will add a professional, organized fluidity to my future career.

Many people have asked me: why not just do a dual major, or a major and a minor? The short answer has always been that it was not enough for me. However, the full story involves how I feel about education as a whole. I believe everything I learn, whether it is obvious or not, will help push me further down the pathway to success.  For every career, I will use many more skills than just what a single major degree could teach me. This is why I did not just want to be just a graphic designer or work in advertising, because there is so much more than just the art background or being a businesswoman. In art, I need to learn how to market myself, and in marketing I need to understand the best way to present my information to my customers.  Expanding my education to this level, where I include many disciplines, not only increases my chances of getting a job in any of these fields, but also puts me one step ahead in my field. Interdisciplinary studies gives me a broader skill set of knowledge. Designing my own major is a liberating way to pick and choose exactly what courses will give me the dynamic abilities to get where I want to be.

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  1. Well spoken and expertly tied together with your subject of choice. You have a pleasant flair which helps to make certain pieces of the writing pop alongside your imagery. Might you find the success you seek in all things, in art and beyond.

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