Art in the Subconscious

Communication through the visual language opens up a new dimension of non-verbal inspiration. That is where the power of art lies. Art has the power to subconsciously change minds. Art cannot be stopped.  If you disagree with what someone is saying you can stop talking to them, or choose the only hear what you want to hear, but art is not yours to control. It is out there and once you see it, you understand it for yourself not because someone else told you to.

That is the visual key: no one is telling you want to do because art has a psychological way of getting inside your thoughts, and having you learn on your own what the art is trying to convey.

The art portion of my major, that I am designing, guides all my other decisions, concerning my academic journey. Art is in everything; whether you know it or not. It is because of my art background that I understand how to bring creativity into everything that I do.

It took a long time for me to see how much it really was in everything though. Here is where that controversy for specializing in art lies; it is historically seen as an easy major, or seen as a useless major. I have lost count the amount of times I have heard “starving artist” jokes, because of this taboo to major in art. It used to be that if you went to school for art you would either be an artist or an art teacher, and those were your only choices. Fields beyond studio art were not as common and art was seen as something you could only succeed in if you were rich or after you died.

Art has changed so much since this time because this idea of thinking creatively has bled its way through all disciplines. What people do not realize if that there is a science behind art; there is a reason we find it appealing, whether it is because of Rule of Thirds or the Fibonacci sequence. There is a psychology to it, for example color theory explains our association and feelings towards art because of visual connections we make daily with certain colors. This is the power that artist holds, they can make you Image result for color theory emotions chartsubconsciously feel emotions while observing their art. This applies to other disciplines because they are all about understanding and communicating. Whether you are in sales, health, or legal systems, you will need to be able to understand your audience and connect. Art is a form of this human expression that is all about this message.

Here at Plymouth State they really emphasize on this “why does art matter?” way of teaching, because they understand the push back art majors already have. The teachers really stress that you use art in every job and all the opportunities that are out there for us.

I have been able to learn so many skills I never thought I would be able to explore. I have done everything from building a boat, screen printing, sculptures, web design, and 3d printing. These might seem like something I will never use in a field of typography but it’s the opposite. I learned about planning and precision. Building a boat taught me about how exact you must be and screen printing showed me how to market myself in selling t-shirts that I have created with a linoleum block print.

When it comes down to it that is what art is. It is so much more then sketching and painting, it is a way of looking at something and communicating. Art is a way of thinking that should be explored by everyone because it helps them understand the ‘what if’s and the ‘way’s.

Everything from the way it is taught, the elements of art its self, and especially the fundamentals behind its reason makes art the backbone of not only my interdisciplinary major, but also the backbone of how many other majors need to view their fields with an open mind.

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One thought on “Art in the Subconscious”

  1. I am not totally sure that this post really covered what the assignment asked for:

    “Post on your ePort: choose a discipline that is a part of your contract. Describe it. Use the “Terms & Concepts” to guide your description.What is the content/methods/epistemologies? Explore your discipline from the perspective of this week’s readings. What is the history of your discipline in the West or the US? or at PSU? What are classes like in your discipline? What is the space like? What do you love about how your discipline sees the world and organizes learning? What are the journals or Twitter leaders like? Take a deep dive into one of your disciplines and make this post ROBUST, COMPLEX, FUN, and INTERESTING. Use links and images to enhance your ideas. Take some photos of your books, classrooms, school supplies, etc!”

    I love a lot of what is here, but a lot of this is the kind of stuff you might say about Art without having taken this course or carefully considered what makes Art an academic discipline. I will greenlight this, but do try to keep an eye on the assignments and remember to inform your work with the kinds of conceptual learning you are doing for the class!

    (you can delete this comment, of course!!)

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