Where I Started 2016

Hello! I am Ashley Hichborn, a student at Plymouth State University designing her own interdisciplinary major which I call Graphic Design of Promotional Communications; combining graphic design, marketing, and communications. Using art, I hope to share knowledge and ideas because art is more than just beauty; it has the power change minds. Through this outlet of communication I hope to advocate for ideologies that I believe in, such like environmental concerns and human rights.

By attending Plymouth State University I am able to take advantage of the many opportunities it has to offer in putting myself on a path toward a professional field in Visual Communications of Art and Design. I currently hold the Student Government Communications Committee Chair and the Communications Representative position in Film club, I use art in both these responsibilities whether it is advertising, using social media, or getting involved with the students to they can learn about the services PSU has to offer. Other clubs that allow me to stretch skill sets of my major is Save All (Sexual Assault and Violence Education Awareness), Climate Reality Club, and being an Orientation leader. 

I also represent the school at the Alumni Association as their fellow who coordinates with alumni’s donations to build scholarships to help current students afford their education. This position allows me to design and advertise the scholarships made available and get students more involved.

I hope that through my interdisciplinary major I can further develop a broadened skill set so I can continue constructively using art as a persuasive mechanism.