Senior Capstone Mind Mapping

Where To Start:

My interdisciplinary Studies major is a combination of graphic design, marketing, and communications. With each one of these disciplines I will add a new element to my capstone project. I will use graphic design to visually communicate a message, make the art style age a prorate and relatable, and study the art behind the media I use. I will use marketing to understand my target demographic and apply the project to the that benefit of the consumer. I will use communications to appropriately articulate the message taking into account tone, language, non verbals, and the agenda of my project.

Mind Mapping #1

What is the message:

Using my women studies minor and my experience in working and volunteering with crisis centers, TitleIX, and sexual misconduct awareness groups, I will focus my capstone project as a resource for support, empowerment, and education in these topics.

There is a huge lack of lessons for young children empowering them to say “no” and educating them about personal space or speaking up when they are uncomfortable. When these are not repeatedly taught to children they grow up in a world that is teaching them to be polite at the risk of their own comfort and safety. 

I have worked the NH Young Women’s Conference for the past four years, and have had the incredible honors of helping with workshops that have built the foundation of what I want my Interdisciplinary capstone project to be. At this conference, they teach young children important lessons on body image, comfort levels, self-love, and healthy coping methods. I would love to bring these concepts, of taking difficult conversations, and making them age appropriate for children to better understand them. 

A large issue I want to dive into, are the behaviors that society pushes onto young girls that stunt their growth making them susceptible for believing they are deserving, as an adult, of dating violence.

Mind Mapping #2

What is the medium:

Through a children’s book, I want to embed situations into a story, that empower kids to say ‘no’ and speak about their personal space. I will develop a story of the every day life for a family and focus on the normal domestic situations where life lessons can be taught to children about the power of consent. This book will take the reader through a day of a young girl and through her eyes understand the internal struggle of actions that are normalized that make children uncomfortable, and have the parents in the book show the daughter to not be silences and speak up. 

Society consistently teaches women from a young age to be polite to the point that puts women in danger. Women learn this from a very young age; to make ourselves small, quiet, and blindly obedient. As women grow older, these learned habits groom them to be targets for domestic violence, making them believe they deserve it.

I would like this children book to be targeted at an age demographic that is young enough that the book is still read to them, but old enough that they understand the concepts in the book. I will work with faculty in the psychology department and employees at Voices Against Violence to do research on how to approach this project to build the story.

Mind Mapping #3

Mind Mapping #4



  1. Contact Education faculty about how to write a children’s book
  2. Contact Psychology faculty about how to talk to children this age
  3. Look at other children books to learn about art styles for this age
  4. Meet with Tina from Voices Against Violence to understand language and lessons that are important


  1. Choose age demographic
  2. Pick an artistic style
  3. Select three or four situations where children would learn about consent as a child


  1. Write the script, work stop it, bring it to the writing center, have faculty review it
  2. Draw the illustrations for all the pages
  3. Print book

Bring it to life

  1. Read the book to a group of young students and discuss the lessons in the book
  2. Pros and cons of effectiveness

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  1. We’ve talked about this, so you know I think it’s a great project. Keep your eyes on your timeline, and let me know if you need help with anything.

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